Owners & Facilities Managers  

From start to finish, we promise you the landscape maintenance you are looking for and the experience you deserve.

It does not have to take a lot of time, effort or money to keep your grounds looking great. Whether you own an industrial park, office building, shopping center, apartment complex, sports field or other property, Greenleaf can take care of your needs.

Property Managers
Owners and tenants count on you to make sure the grounds look great and the costs are kept down. We specialize in serving the many needs of property managers with the most cost-effective plans in the industry.

Homeowners Associations
Although you may think homeowners associations would be considered residential properties, the size and challenges that come with these landscapes require an expert to handle all phases of grounds management. Common areas in apartment complexes, subdivisions and townhomes help define your neighborhood. Residents want to see lush lawns for kids to play, healthy trees to offer shade and beautiful flowers to brighten their days. They also want to pay reasonable dues that do not inflate every season. Greenleaf has specialized in homeowners associations for years.
Design & Installation